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Fees will be paid on the day the authentic deed of sale is signed at the notary’s office, only if our task is successful.

For purchase

1) If the property selected is proposed without any intermediary, the fees are calculated according to a declining scale between 5% and 4% of the selling price with a minimum of 6000 euros (incl. VAT):

Value of the real estate:                                                                Fees incl. VAT

< 500.000 €                                                                                                   5 %

Between €500,000 and €1,000,000                                              4,5 %

> 1.000.000 €                                                                                                4 %

2) If the property selected is proposed in collaboration with a real estate agency, it is they who pay us a portion of their fees, so no extra fees are payable by the purchaser.

For rental:

Search fees amount to one month’s rent with a minimum of €1.000 (incl. VAT).

Is a real estate hunter more expensive?

No, a “real estate hunter” is not more expensive, although it offers a personalised extra benefit that meets a specific requirement (no time to conduct serious research, visits, remoteness, lack of knowledge of the market, often tedious steps you want to delegate, etc.).
This service therefore has a cost, however it is included and so is strictly identical to what the buyer would pay directly through a “traditional real estate agency“. It is often even lower thanks to the bargaining power that gives the choice between several products and the exclusive search agreement.


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