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What type of contract is being offered?

Our “real estate hunting” services are available with an exclusive search agreement that binds the buyer (the principal) to his real estate hunter (the agent).
This agreement is a legal commitment. It includes information that is critical to the smooth operation of the task: subject, duration, reports, photo reports, amount of fees, etc.
The concept of exclusivity means that we are the only ones, for the duration of the contract, to have the authority to search and that the purchaser undertakes to not buy real estate for the duration of the agreement other than through our intermediary.
It is a partnership that gives the principal a real commitment from the agent and vice versa for the duration of the agreement.

Duration of the agreement

The agreement is valid for three months for rental and six months for purchase, each tacitly renewable if neither of the parties states his intention to withdraw from the contract.

Why an exclusive mandate?

With an exclusive search agreement, the individual will always allow us to visit the property because we exclusively represent the purchaser and we have nothing he has to sign.
If the property is presented by a real estate agency, very often the most interesting properties are exclusive.
If you are not an exclusive customer, we cannot have the same weight nor the same arguments to suggest collaboration and to allow you to benefit from a great opportunity.
We only work exclusively because our activity demands a huge human investment and we can only fully embrace it if we are sure that you trust us completely.
Finally, this exclusivity is a pledge of seriousness and motivation for us and of the merits of your actions.


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